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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


that's right! a new blog has been set up by me just for the gallery's happening. it'll be easier to differentiate between my stuff and gallery stuff. and best of all, the art enthusiast can leave their comment and we can exchange ideas and such. and perhaps even conduct online bidding for the art works! hmmm...bidding start now for the pic above [name your price]

Thursday, June 07, 2007

cuba citer sikit..

kengkawan...sila tulis karangan berpandukan gambar diatas dengan tidak melebihi 30 patah perkataan.
masa: 30 minit
sila gunakan pensil 2b sahaja.
tolong senyap.

faces of perhentian

u guys better go there while it's still has pretty face and cheap. hope it stay forever that way.
i know i'll be back :-)

introducing kebun mimpi

hi all! it's been a journey just to start again something that i believe in. jatuh sekali, bangun dua kali. jatuh dua kali bangun lah lagi, biar berkali-kali but once you have a dream, stick to it. believe in your dream for it is only yours to make it happen.
this is the entrance of my new gallery, i name it as such reflecting how much i want my dream to materialise, and this is the first space where i plant it, nurture it and hoping to watch it grow. it'll be a monumental journey all over again to established the gallery. but hey, look at the bright side...through all this ups and downs i have all of my best friend's support and love. that is something i really cherish for i know they'll still love me if thing didn't work out, i still have the courage to stand up again because of them. this i hope will be the start of many more good things for the gallery and me.

pokoknya, gwe bahagia kok dengan apa yang udah gwe jalanin slama ini, bahagia walau derita semuanya cubaan mahu mengajar kita.
so God, please remind me again and again to be thankful for all that You've bestowed upon me. Amin