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the journey so far...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

hello? remember me? has been a year? no it can't be, aiz's apple still look clean. oh, september..

anyway, some thing are better left unsaid hence i've been quiet. too much dreaming i guess. let's see, some of my friends has been in n out of love without me even knew it, mr u know who, was it love that u r looking for? let me tell u what i wish i don't know about love.

1. i dunno it make u numb
2. i dunno it make u dumb
3. i dunno it make u high
4. i dunno it can haunt
5. i dunno i dunno

true that people said be careful of what u r wishing for, but u dunno if u never take the risk right?
u no or u dunno u wear odorono