welcome onboard,

the journey so far...

Monday, August 13, 2007

siem reap III, the temple - pengsan!

all pic courtesy of azli ayob long
cover album ekamatra, circa 1989
angelina jolie
majestic trees in a magical land
azli and fairuz pose maut on the step of angkor watt
azli and me among the entrance ruin, i really wonder how on earth can the ancient people be so patience and grand
one of the rare structure featuring roman like pillars
fairuz and me - wet while leaving angkor watt, he can strike a pose in almost any impossible situation

Thursday, August 09, 2007

siem reap II, tonle sap - define poor

all pic courtesy of azli ayob long
they work in a pair, the elder row and the child sell. a plate of banana is all they have..selling to non interested tourist, they hand pedal trying to chase our speed boat for a mere 1usd
me and azli on the bow of the boat..panas nak mampus, can barely seat there more than 10 seconds, and these people live here..
their school, some are 17 years old studying to an equivalent level of our standard 6..the highest available for free
tonle sap typical boat house..i feel sad but they seem happy
me n the lake houses
me, azli and yusof (our guide) just arrive on the floating crocodile farm..i dread to think what would happen should the wooden cage break

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

siem reap siem reap

how bless is this land,
thousands years old ruin among thousands fragile butterflies,
set in the quietness of jungle maddening silence,
how ironic blood were splattered not long ago,
among such gentle people,
how grateful i am,
to fall in love in such land, i am