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the journey so far...

Thursday, October 12, 2006


over to the max..
macam malas nak buat apa2 dan bergerak2, apsal ah?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


bestkan jadi budak2..tak yah nak pikir masalah2 yg membengongkan diri ni..
dulu2 i used to think adult created their own problems and after that busy trying to find the solution because they're bored sebab dah tak yah gi sekolah. so i vowed not to leave my inner child, but sometime i forget about this promise i made to myself. i hope i can find him back and apologise for being lost. i do miss myself at that age, where i view the world differently and my opinions are actually my opinion. tapi kalu jadi 10yrs old back...taakut lak sebab tak sunat lagi

my darling li'l brother : naufal

Sunday, October 08, 2006

4th 0ctober 2006

mama, aiz tercekik tulang, ismah tertelan baby

che mie tersengih pose manja

me n naufal

ni lah kek besor from che mie

pai n family ( my partner in crime kat sekolah )

rizal, che mie, razif, k-ma n bib

teh lind, linda ayu, aiz terlebih glucose

malik kokko naufal

me, rasa n roza

badek presenting me d baskin robbin from teh lind

ramai2 jadi bengong

ramai2 jadi blur

ramai2 jadi chantik

penasihat raden putri retna dumilah

ross, komar n faiz tgh control cun

faiz n ross

ermmm..i leave this to your imagination


It was my first birthday in many2 years i remember celebrating it with my family. and it was more special as i had most of my favourite people (yes..i know,i know ..people is without s, thank u aiz) surrounding darling friends. and my mum made nasi ikan kering makan dgn dalcha n pulut makan dgn sambal apa ntah...tapi sedap yg teramat. thank you mama.

thank you aiz, for all the help,basuh pinggan n all,tea towel,torch fuel,n all the candle holders (!),ride to klia, MWAH!!!!
thank you din, for sharing the besday gift tho' u might not know it first hand ;-)
thank you faiz, for the cash,nyusahkan buat my printing,carpets
thank you komar, for the bamboo dragonfly,sate sedap
thank you zul, for the time,baju batik
thank you ross, for coming on time,future cake sponsors
thank you shamsul n linda, for the bubur lambuk
thank you yasmin, for the sketchbook,triffle,basuh pinggan
thank you kak teh n husin, for the yummy2 Baskin Robbin's cake
thank you che mie, for the gigantic Secret Recipe's chocolate cake
thank you rasa n roza, for sharing the birthday cake for your hubby/papa
thank you ismah, for driving late at nite just to be with my birthday dinner
thank you k-ma, for making such an effort
thank you razif, for remembering,oobi
thank you kakak n amrey, for the time n the fuel to come this far
thank you pai n family, for driving this far
thank you badek, for sporting enuf
thank you malik, for all the lifting n cleaning the garbage,watering the plants,sacrifice for kedaimakan
thank you naufal, for the bunga2 besday card
thank you rizal, for stealing ur time to be here
thank you ahmed n yaya, for all the good food
thank you bibik, for helping mama
thank you bib, for ur time n fun,kain sampin baju raya
thank you abah, for the sms
thank you all for the love

and so i turned 31!