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the journey so far...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i punya buah!!

taufik!! tq so much...
tgh2 takda duit ni tiba2 kengkawan kasik hadiah
or else, sungguh tak logik kalau nak shopping pada 15hb ni...

stunning as it is, there's still a few setback i discovered in my short 22hrs relationship with an iphone.

1. u bound to spend di bawah tahap sedar for an accessories that u think u might need
2. a sudden urge to expand ur music library collection ( tho u already have 700 songs, of which only 5% get an airplay)
3. batt cepat abis coz nanti u akan duduk berangan2 sambil tgn tak diam2 buat benda apa2 ntah yg tak penting..tapi nampak mcm businessman yg juta2 trillion
4. org tak kenal alih2 dtg tanya technical question about apple (aiz...lari!!)
5. cannot send mms ( i antar 12 mms in i can live without it la kot..)
6. tiba2 u jadi xtra sensitive n cautious about ur surrounding, takut iphone calar n kotor ( haiyo...very the penat one)
7. type sms pun 3 km/j je, pun sebab takut tercalar

how? nak beli jugak ke?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

i want this land!!! ...minus this house tho'

with a view like this!!!
at 5am the mist linger up to your knee till around 8am. the water freeze, i dare not touch the water other than to wash my hand.
at dusk suddenly thousands insect launch into a forest orchestra...and all this just 30mins away from kl.
bukit tinggi, genting highland