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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

thank you

you don't know who you are, but thank you for making my day!

Huargh haha huargh haha hihi hoo hahaha ( thin albert laugh, he's the evil bro of fat albert )

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


jika kau dapat melihat parasMu dari mataku
jika kau dapat mendengar suaraMu dari telingaku
jika kau dapat menyentuh ragaMu lewat jemariku
akan kau tau pasti diriMu telah perindah hariku

jika kau dapat cium aromaMu lewat kucupku
jika kau dapat resapi mimpiMu lewat tidurku
kalau kau Mau mencoba meraMu hidupMu hidupku
akan kau tau pasti diriMu telah perindah hariku

Thursday, August 10, 2006

sembilan lapan, tiga puluh lima at lima puluh satu



THE EXHAUSTED OWNER (physically n financially)

remember about LIMA PULUH SATU?
my first full project, well it's 65% complete.

last night the lovely owner FAIZAH + DEAN throw their first dinner party celebrating dean's n their friend-faiz's birthday party. spending two whole days putting the final touches before the arrival of their critical n opinionated friends were truly nerve wrecking to say the least. but it's all worth it, seeing the beaming faces of din n aiz really make me feel happy- to be able to finally hand them over a beautiful dwelling to replace their 80's retro shag in puchong.

to them and their friends...ENJOY!!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

bintang : by yoesoef olla

gemarimba latest show from 1st to 31st august.

olla hailed from jakarta, but has been residing in bali since 1999. a humble guy with a humble studio to match in seminyak,bali. i discover him in early 2004, passing through countless galleries in seminyak, his works is like a breath of fresh air. i waited for 2 hours by the dusty roadside waiting for him to open his gallery, excited but nervous as well because i don't have much money left and buying art was never in that trip agenda, and i don't know how much his art going to cost. and i'm pretty sure i will buy his work no matter the cost! we click almost instantly, his price is fair but beyond my budget at that time. seeing how i fall in love with his work he just doesn't have a heart to let me leave without it, such a big heart from a small guy.

to return him a favour, i'm more than glad to bring such big talent to malaysia. i hope he'll have a good time here and may it be a new inspiration for him being in a foreign country for the first time. BINTANG SASTRA DHARMA, itu nama anaknya. hence the show is aptly titled bintang. his muse, his inspiration, his guidance, his heart. his current work reflect his status as a father, a new role he doesn't take lightly. the colours are more subdued but sophisticated, a hint of bright cheerful colors are still there but much has been toned down. he's more serious now, seriously in love that is. for that i celebrate him..

kala gelap dia pedoman, kala kelam dia menawan, kala sunyi dialah teman.
- mohd nurul husni